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Veteran's Issues

The problem: Veterans and service members from all branches of the military risk their lives and their health in service to our communities and our country. Too often, we have seen veterans unable to access the healthcare they need due to bureaucratic red tape at the VA, lack of funding, or geographic location. Too many veterans and service members struggle with mental health issues during and after their service, with suicide rates that are far too high.

As a veteran myself, I have seen my own friends and fellow service members struggle with these issues. It's time to make a change, and honor the promises made to veterans. 



  • Cut back on red tape with state veterans' agencies and at the VA, so veterans can actually get the health benefits they are entitled to and need. 
  • Increase funding for programs that address veterans' mental health needs, and provide life-saving resources and services to veterans. 22 lives lost to suicide every day is far too many. 
  • Ensure that veterans are able to get care they need anywhere in the state. Unfortunately, the VA hospital is not accessible to every veteran in MN due to long travel distances or long wait times. Veterans' benefits should cover local doctors and clinics so that veterans can choose where to get their care if the VA is not an option for them.
  • Partner with veterans' advocacy organizations to produce legislation that meets veteran-specific needs in the community. 

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