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The Environment

The Problem: Climate change continues to bring extreme weather, droughts, and health challenges to our state. In addition to this, more acute human activity like pollution, mining, and agricultural runoff are impacting our water resources. 


  • The state should continue making investments and providing incentives to private companies to develop sustainable energy resources and infrastructure. Realistically, our initial investments in new energy modalities will be more costly until the technology is more established. It is an investment worth making to preserve our state and our children's future. Ultimately, the goal should also include financial sustainability as well as environmental preservation. 
  • Protect Minnesota's natural beauty and water resources. Generations of Minnesotans have valued sustainably utilizing the natural resources our state has: hunting, fishing, hiking, spending time in our parks, on our lakes and rivers. We should continue to preserve the areas that make these activities possible.
  • Follow the science when it comes to new mines, water projects, and other major industries that affect the environment. We welcome investment in Minnesota, but companies that want to conduct business here have an obligation to prove that their work is safe. Prior to approving any major projects, these companies should provide evidence that their work will not be a substantial detriment or harm to the environment and waterways, and will not put Minnesotans at risk of hazardous materials or chemicals.

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