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State Budget

The Problem: The state has been fortunate to have a comfortable surplus in recent years. With this surplus, the state legislature has made many new investments in programs and increased spending. We must steward this surplus carefully to ensure that the state continues to be solvent in the future.


  • Prioritize investments in programs that have a tangible impact on voter's lives (healthcare, education, infrastructure). 
  • Thoroughly audit spending on new and existing programs to cut wasteful spending and ensure that tax dollars are making an efficient impact when spent. 
  • Reduce the tax burden on middle and lower-income Minnesota working families. While the state has such a surplus and Minnesotans are struggling with inflation, the state has a duty to reduce the economic burden on taxpayers. 
  • Focus more funding on reducing the state debt, and set aside investments and savings for the future. The state is financially stable now, but we have a duty to prepare for future economic challenges. 

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