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Small Business Growth

The Problem: Our small businesses are the lifeblood of rural communities, providing essential services, jobs, and community spirit. Recently, high costs, and heavy tax and regulatory burdens have made it harder for small businesses to operate and compete with big corporations. The new ideas, new products, and new jobs produced by small businesses are necessary to help our communities and economy grow. We need more small businesses and entrepreneurs!


  • Proportionately reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses. "One size fits all" rules cost small businesses a lot more to accommodate than big corporations, resulting in higher costs for consumers and more work for business owners trying to comply with the law. 
  • Reduce red tape to make it easier to start a small business. There are already enough challenges to starting up a small business venture. The state has too many rules and documentation requirements that serve as another barrier to entry and disincentivize some startups from ever getting off of the ground. We need to clean up and streamline business approval and regulatory requirements for new businesses. 
  • Provide tax incentives that allow new small businesses to have a chance at a level playing field with big corporations. Small businesses often can't match the time, resources, and legal expertise that big corporations have to look for tax and regulatory loopholes. Small business owners with good ideas deserve a fair shot to compete in the marketplace. 

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