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Mental Health

The Problem: Minnesotans of all ages are struggling with mental health problems, and can't access the resources or care they need when they need it. Suicide rates have continued to increase in Minnesota over the last few years, and there are not enough accessible, immediate crisis options for Minnesotans who need help. 


  • Increase funding for crisis mental health response options and treatment centers. Police, EMS, and emergency departments are often the only options available to respond and treat a person in crisis. Many times, these resources aren't the most efficient or appropriate to treat someone having a mental health crisis. We should increase the availability of "walk-in care": psychiatric urgent cares, crisis centers, detox facilities, and other options. 
  • Increase the state's capacity of inpatient mental health beds. There are not nearly enough facilities in the state willing or able to treat hospitalized patients in need of acute mental health care. Oftentimes, acutely ill patients wait in emergency departments for days, weeks, or even longer for a spot in a facility that can safely accommodate their needs. This diverts healthcare staff and resources and can create unsafe conditions for patients and hospital staff. 
  • Re-evaluate how we compensate and reimburse mental health treatment providers. Oftentimes, those in need of acute mental healthcare are the most vulnerable Minnesotans; they may lack health insurance or the ability to pay for care. This makes it difficult to sustainably operate mental health treatment facilities, which we desperately need. The state should re-evaluate its funding formulas for state insurance, and should encourage and incentivize private insurance companies to reimburse mental healthcare costs more fairly.  
  • Partner with schools and youth organizations to increase awareness about social media and mental health in our children. Social media is contributing to bullying and suicide among children. Parents, schools, and youth leaders should know what signs to watch for to intervene early in at-risk children to prevent tragedies.

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