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The Problem: Graduation rates are down and testing scores for students have been unacceptably low. Learning competencies are still far below pre-pandemic levels. 


  • Fund new initiatives that work to improve learning. Audit, reform, or remove programs that are too costly and don't work. In recent budgets, the state has made substantial new investments in education. With these investments have come a variety of new mandates and requirements that increase costs for school districts. Many of these spending initiatives will have a positive impact, but some will be more costly and less beneficial. The state legislature has a duty to monitor and audit these new programs. 
  • Ensure ALL students have access to quality education and extra-curricular activities. Rural students should have the same educational opportunities and access to sport and club programs as the cities and suburbs. 
  • Ensure that high-quality teachers have incentives to continue to work in rural schools; teachers should be fairly compensated for the incredible work they do!
  • Focus curriculums on subjects and material that will prepare students for success in the community and the workforce; topics like financial literacy, job skills, and career pathways.

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