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Crime and Public Safety

The Problem: Crime rates are rising, police departments are struggling to hire and retain officers, and local jails and prisons are overwhelmed and understaffed. 


  • Continue to fund investments in law enforcement training and modern equipment. Police are better able to de-escalate and resolve situations safely when they have quality training and the tools they need to avoid using higher levels of force. 
  • Invest in non-police first responder services. Police are often expected to wear too many hats when responding to emergencies, especially in rural areas with limited first responder resources. We should invest in more crisis response options that include social services, mental health professionals, and public health and EMS workers.
  • Prioritize detainment of dangerous and violent criminals, while exploring alternative options for sentencing of non-violent offenders. We continue to see increases in the number of people in prison, without an increase in capacity. We should seek out input from corrections, law enforcement, public health, and mental health experts on how the state should address this.
  • Invest in better rehabilitation programs and work programs for those being released from jail and prison. Often times, it is difficult to reintegrate with the community after release from prison due to limited job skills or restricted employment opportunities. We should prioritize preparing these individuals for employment and community participation to reduce recidivism rates. 
  • Partner with local communities and schools across the state to promote career paths in law enforcement. In very recent history, Minneapolis has seen distrust, protests, and riots in response to the George Floyd killing and other events. The state and cities have attempted to make policy changes to address some of these concerns; real change is most impactful from the bottom up. We should encourage all communities to participate in the system to improve the system.

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